Lift truck or (Lifter) is used in central kitchen stores, super markets, etc, to lift & transport heavy goods, see Fig.14.2.3. This type is operated either manually (manual hydraulic pump) or electrically (chargeable battery), with different lifting capacities (kg) and different lifting heights (cm). Fig.14.2.3 & 14.2.4 show lifting truck of 100 kg lifting capacity (different models with capacities from 70 to 250 kg), 525 x 470 mm platform dims, up to 1735 mm maximum lifting height, 140 mm minimum lifting height, 100 mm/second lifting speed, 12 Volts rechargeable batteries, 230 Volts AC battery charger, 4 wheels (2 with brakes), model (Newton 100), manufactured by “Hallins” – Sweden.


Fig.14.2.3 Lifting truck in food store – HALLINS – SWEDEN
Fig.14.2.4 Lifting truck – HALLINS – SWEDEN