This is a very large kitchen equipments family. Simply, any kitchen equipment can be provided with castors to become a trolley. Some trolleys are multi-purpose such as service trolley (see Fig.14.2.7) which can be used for several transportation functions, while some other trolleys have single function such as cheese trolley (see Fig.14.2.22). 

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; stainless steel, chrome plated steel, aluminum, wood, polyethylene, etc, according to function.
  • Neutral, heated, refrigerated or combined (heated/refrigerated, neutral/heated, etc).
  • Function; service, clearing, dish transport, tray transport, etc. See examples below.
  • Number of casters (3, 4, 6… according to trolley size).
  •  Swivel type casters for directing (can be 2 swivel type and 2 fixed type casters) – Fig.14.2.1
  • Braked casters; at least 2 casters should be provided with brake – Fig.14.2.2.


Fixed caster 


Swivel caster 

Fig.14.2.1 Casters – MANNER – FINLAND –

  • Wheel diameter; not less than 100 to 125 mm.



Fig.14.2.2 Caster with brake – MANNER – FINLAND

  • Dimensions and/or load capacity (load capacity can be expressed in kg, number of trays, number of dishes, etc, according to trolley function).
  • Number of shelves (if any).
  • Pushing handrail.
  • Standard dimensions (e.g. To GN standard size, to match bakery tray certain size, to match serving tray size especially for hospital serving trolleys, etc).
  • Should have rubber bumpers in corners or all-around the trolley to protect wall & doors against scratching.
  • Hygienic; for food contact & hospital trolleys, food approved material, no internal seams, no internal sharp corners, etc).
  • Sound insulation for some types like multi-shelves trolley.
  • Heat insulation for heated & refrigerated trolleys.
  • Decorative external finish especially for hotel serving trolleys.
  • Doors should be sealed with heat resistant gasket (heated & refrigerated trolleys).
  • Electric power voltage (for heated & refrigerated).
  • Electric charging time & operation time (for chargeable heated & refrigerated trolleys, charging time means time it should be connected for power supply & operation time means time it can work away fro power supply).
  • Weather proof electric devices.
  • Low voltage control system.
  • Controls; thermostats, humidistats, safety controls, etc.
  • With or without reading displays; for temperature, electric charge status, humidity, etc.
  • See selection factors of different equipments on this site according to trolley type (i.e. selection factors of tables, sinks, shelves, refrigerated equipments, Bain-marie, etc).
  • Sample should be inspected for workmanship & trolley stability.
  • See next examples.

Lifting truck

Platform trolley

Service trolley

Miscellaneous trolleys