Dumbwaiter Fig.14.3.1 is a small service lift designed to transport goods between floors. In food service systems, a dumbwaiter can transport food trays, food containers, food pans, service trolleys, utensils, cutlery, Chinaware, etc, between floors. Dumbwaiter can be a standard or custom made product to suit customer requirements, and has to be designed & installed by a specialist contractor in the field of elevators & oscillators, where it’s not classified as catering equipments, in addition, elevators installation works are governed by international & local standards & codes which will be well known by a specialist contractor. Dumbwaiter well or shaft (Fig.14.3.2), should be considered during building civil works design & execution, but there are so many manufacturer’s solutions to enable exist buildings to install dumbwaiters without disturbing building structure. Dumbwaiter is suitable for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
Fig.14.3.1 Dumbwaiters – METALLSCHNEIDER – GERMANY
Fig.14.3.2 Dumbwaiter shaft – METALLSCHNEIDER – GERMANY

Selection factors:

·       Materials; Stainless steel is recommended for food service dumbwaiters.
·       Load capacity in kg (ranging from 50 to 500 kg).
·       Internal dimensions in mm (should match transported products dimensions such as trays, containers, trolleys, etc).
·       Maximum travel in meters.
·       Number of stops (floors).
·       Number of accesses per floor.
·       Speed in m/min.
·       Noise level.
·       With or without intercom (calling system between floors).
·       See next example.

Market example:

As shown in Fig.14.3.2, a Dumbwaiter with the following features; galvanized steel as standard but can be manufactured in stainless steel on request (optional), stainless steel cabin floor, stainless steel shelf, 300 kg load capacity, vertical bi-parting door (ISO-A range), 600 -1200 mm min/max door height, 400 /1000 mm min/max cabin depth, 400 /1000 mm min/max cabin width (variable in 25 mm increments, 0.25 m/s speed, chain drive, 24 Volts for all push-button units, call & send operation on each landing station, dispatching delay device, arrival buzzer and call signal, position indicator in each landing station, quality seal along DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, manufactured by “Metallschneider” – Germany.
·       Above mentioned sizes are indicative only & should be verified prior to construction.
·       Manufacturer has capacity range from 50 to 300 kg.
·       Manufacturer can provide dumbwaiter with special designs to meat different local regulations and customer requirements.