An entrance gate is the first equipment you face in a supermarket. Gates have several functions such as; giving an attractive decorative look in supermarket entry or exit, guiding of customers flow in one direction to avoid slow shopping resulted from customers back flow, using of several parallel entry gates organize customers in single rows for easier flow especially at peak periods, preventing customers of going out from entry gates and accordingly stops goods losing, simplifying of security men job, allow provision of cash registers at exit only, preventing of children going outside without their parents (see below), can be used for counting of customers by adding an electronic counter, etc.

 Gate & barrier types:

Turn style gate; as shown in Fig., commonly mechanical operation with rotation in one direction, usually provided at supermarket entry, anti-panic action (i.e. resists rotation in opposite direction up to certain force defined by manufacturer), suitable for small to medium supermarkets.
Fig. Turn style gate – WANZL – GERMANY
Fig. Trolleys & Mech pallets gate – WANZL – GERMANY

 Hinged gate; as shown in Fig., this is the most common type for medium to large supermarkets, one direction flow, single or double gate (Fig., mechanical or electrically operated, electrically operated is either by a photo cell (gate is opened just the customer pass through light beam) or by a radar (Fig. & 19.1.5, gate is opened just the customer reaches radar coverage area).


Fig. Hinged single gate – WANZL – GERMANY
Fig. Hinged double gate with radar control – WANZL – GERMANY


Fig. Emergency exit


 Selection factors:

The following selection factors depend upon “Wanzl” – Germany products,
  • Gate type; turn style, trolleys gate, hinged type, etc.
  • Material; mirror finished or plastic powder coated steel with different colors, with or without foam covering to prevent injury especially for children.
  • Single or double door.
  • Door dims in mm.
  • Mechanical or electrically controlled.
  • For electric type; radar controlled as to prevent complete opening in case of a child in the other side.

  • Normally closed or Normally opened gate; normally closed means gate is always closed except when some body exists in radar coverage area or cut the light beam in the entry side, while normally opened means gate is always opened unless the customer attempts to leave the market through the entrance area to prevent goods losing 
  • With or without adjustable radar coverage area in meters.
  • With or without adjustable gate opening time in seconds.
  • With or without customer counter; to count actual number of guests.
  • With or without an-panic feature; i.e. mechanical resistance for using gate in opposite direction and can be provided with an audible & visible alarm to invite security men attention.
  • Required signs: plastic signs for; entry, welcoming, no entry, emergency, etc