Shopping baskets (Fig. & 2) and trolleys (Fig. are manufactured with wide range of options to meet different customer demands.


Fig. Shopping baskets – Metal type – WANZL – UK
Fig. Shopping baskets – Plastic type – WANZL – UK

Shopping baskets selection factors:

The following selection factors depend upon “Wanzl” – UK products,
  • Material; plastic or steel (chrome plated or galvanized chromium steel), basket material should be according to an international or local standard for food safety & hygiene.
  • Handle should be designed as to reduce stress on customer hand.
  • Should be stackable to save stocking space.
  • Capacity in liters (5 to 30 liters approx.).
  • Is it dishwashable? (Should be easily cleaned & sanitized).

Shopping trolleys selection factors:

The following selection factors depend upon “Wanzl” – UK products,
Fig. Shopping trolley – WANZL – UK
  • Material; commonly steel (chrome plated or galvanized chromium steel or colored plastic coated); trolley material should be according to an international or local standard for safety & hygiene. Also can be manufactured of steel frame with plastic basket (Fig.
  • Capacity in liters (around 60 to 200 liters).
  • Load carrying capacity in kg.



Fig. Shopping trolley with plastic basket – WANZL – UK

  • Should have round corners.
  • Should have 4 heavy duty high quality castors (100 – 150 mm diameter) to give smooth motion with low noise.
  • If moving oscillators are employed, then castors should be suitable for flat surfaces & for grooved conveyor with self brake facility to avoid slip, see Fig.


shopping-trolley-castors1            shopping-trolley-castors2

                    Ordinary castor       Conveyor castor with self brake facility

Fig. Different castor types – WANZL – UK

  • Should be horizontally stackable to save parking space.
  • Special trolleys; Decorative colored trolleys (Fig., Kids fun trolleys (Fig. – manufactured in different shapes to amuse children and keep them close), Trolley for wheel chair users (Fig. – can be coupled to manual or electric driven wheel chair to move as one unit), Basket trolley (Fig. – used for narrow walk ways and/or small area super markets), Trolley with integrated seat (Fig. – manufactured with integrated seat for customer rest during shopping, just the seat is used, trolley will be braked automatically actuated by customer weight).


Fig. Colored trolley- WANZL – UK
Fig. Kids fun trolley – WANZL – UK


Fig. Trolley for wheel chair users – WANZL – UK
Fig. Basket trolley – WANZL – UK


Fig. Trolley with integrated seat – WANZL – UK

  • With or without the following options & accessories:
–          Lower platform (Fig.
–          Baby seat (Fig., can be provided with seat belt.
–          Plastic tray (Fig., for small items which may fall down from basket or                        items purchased at checkout.
Fig. Trolley with lower platform – WANZL – UK


                          Baby shelf                                          Baby seat

Fig. Trolley with baby seat or cradle – WANZL – UK


                                      Plastic tray                Wire tray

Fig. – WANZL – UK
–          Wire tray (Fig., with narrower mesh openings for small and easily                            damaged products, or for items which may affect food smell such as soap.

shopping-trolley8   shopping-trolley10

                                         Magnifier                   Fresh flower holder

Fig. – WANZL – UK

–          Magnifier: (Fig., for easy reading of small print on packs.
–          Fresh flower holder (Fig., to protect purchased flowers against damaging.
–          Foldable back basket (Fig., special accessory to hold packs of PET water or             drinks bottles, can hold up to 12 bottles.
–          Carriers hook (Fig., to carry customer personal items such as female hand              bags.


Fig. Foldable back basket – WANZL – UK


–          Writing board (Fig.
–          Advertising accessories (Fig.

–          Identification accessories, (Fig.

shopping-trolley4   shopping-trolley5

                                Carrier hook                   Writing board

Fig. – WANZL – UK


                       Advertising flag pole                   Poster frame

Fig. Advertising accessories – WANZL – UK

shopping-trolley-identification           Fig. Identification accessories – WANZL – UK