For displaying of refrigerated food either frozen, such as; frozen meats, poultry, sea foods, vegetable, processed dough, or chilled, such as; fresh meats, sea foods, poultry, vegetables & fruits (some types of vegetable and fruits should be kept refrigerated when displayed), some pastry & bakery products, dairy products, beverage & water bottles, etc.
Selection factors:

Materials; commonly enameled steel or stainless steel for external casing, plastic materials, aluminum or stainless steel for internal parts, plastic coated steel or stainless steel for shelves (if any).


Fig. Open horizontal display – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE

  • Frozen or chilled products display (a temperature range of around -18 to -25 °C for freezing type and around -2 to +8 °C for chilling type, in both cases an adjustable thermostat controls temperature as desired according to product type). As an option, some manufacturers produce displays with two separated displaying zones each with different temperature (called dual temperature, e.g. chilling & freezing).
  • Display type:
  •   Open horizontal display; Fig., available as freezing or chiller type, freezing      type is more common, suitable for frozen meats, sea foods, poultry, vegetables,         processed dough (e.g. pizza), etc.  
  •   Open vertical display; Fig., chiller type, commonly provided with air               curtain(s) to reduce infiltration, suitable for displaying of dairy products,                    processed meats, processed sea foods, some types of vegetables & fruits, etc.
  •   Vertical display with glass doors; Fig., the most common use for this type      is  beverage bottles cooling (chiller type Bottle cooler), available also as freezing    type, suitable for displaying of beverage and water bottles, fresh fruits &                      vegetable, dairy products, fresh meats (butcher shops), processed meats,                    processed sea foods, etc.


Fig. Open vertical display – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE
Fig. Vertical display with glass door – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE 
Fig. Vertical display with 4 glass sides – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE
Fig. Combined open horizontal & vertical with glass doors – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE


  •   Vertical with 4 sides’ glass; Fig., commonly chiller type for                                 displaying of bottles or pastry products especially tarts.
  •   Combined open horizontal & vertical with glass doors; Fig.,  chiller or              freezing type, suitable for displaying of fresh or frozen foods as mentioned in            horizontal & vertical types.
  •   Horizontal with glass doors; Fig, this type is used for                                          displaying of some frozen products especially pre-packed ice cream.


Fig. Horizontal with glass doors – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE


  •  Horizontal with front viewing glass; Fig. , this type is used for                          displaying of chilled products such as dairy products, fresh & processed meats, fresh & processed sea foods, vegetables & fruits, pastry products, etc. This type is not designed for self service; customer shall be served by the super market staff,        suitable for cheese shops, bakery shops, etc.
Fig. Horizontal with front viewing glass – LMC-EUROCOLD – FRANCE
  • Built-in or remote type condensing unit (Built-in means display has its condensing unit (compressor + condenser) in the same casing, remote type means display has its condensing unit outside supermarket with connecting pipes between them. Remote type is recommended for super markets where; the exhausted heat from condensing unit is increasing super market temperature which accordingly increase the air conditioning load, also remote type eliminates high noise coming from compressor and condenser fan, built-in type has larger dimensions than remote type. Built-in type can be used for small capacities and/or when there is no available space outside the super market, in this case air conditioning designer attention should be invited – see storage equipments for more information about refrigeration equipments).
  • Stationary or mobile (only displays with built-in condenser can be of mobile type).
  • Capacity in liters.
  • With or without rigid or flexible cover or blind , for open horizontal or vertical displays, cover or curtain is used before super market closing to save cooling capacity dissipated by open infiltration especially for vertical type).
  • With or without internal lamps.
  • Should have temperature display (analog or digital thermometer).
  • With or without adjustable level shelving (for vertical type).
  • Possibility of providing over shelving (for horizontal open type, used for displaying of non refrigerated products, recommended for limited space markets).
  • With or without rubber bumpers to protect against trolley shocks.
  • Accessories and options; separators , false bottom , Price holder , luminous board for advertising, etc
  • See general selection factors for refrigeration equipments (Storage equipments).


Market example:

As shown in Fig., a Vertical open display with the following features; enameled steel outside, plastic coated steel inside, open front for self service, glass sides, 5 adjustable level shelves, can be arranged modularly to compose long self service line, 12.49 m2 displaying surface, 2200 mm height, 3750 mm length, provided with double air curtains, lighting tubes in ceiling and each shelf, provided with energy save cover (night curtain), electronic control, electric heat defrost, label holders, optionally can be provided with; other depths 1000 or 1100 mm – additional shelf – different colors). Display temperature -1 to -10 °C, 5128 Watts power, 590 kg weight; model (AMBRE 376 SP), manufactured by “Lmc-Eurocold” –
–          See specialty shop equipments fresh sea food displays & heated displays.
–          See Beverage, coffee shop & ice cream equipments for scoop ice cream freezers