Snack cooking lines are similar to cooking lines (see Cooking equipments); the difference is the smaller size, especially for small production capacity restaurants & cafeterias in which the available space is less compared with central kitchens in hotels or hospitals. Also – for the same reason – counter top equipments are commonly used in these restaurants, to utilize other equipments or cupboards as bases for snack cooking line equipments to save space. Fig.8.1.1 shows snack cooking line and Fig.8.1.2 to 5 shows some counter top cooking line equipments
Fig.8.1.1 Snack cooking line – BERTO’S – ITALY
Fig.8.1.2 Counter top Gas cooker – BERTO’S – ITALY
Fig.8.1.3 Fryer – BERTO’S – ITALY
Fig.8.1.5 Fry top grill – BERTO’S – ITALY