Ovens are used for baking & cooking of a wide range of foods. An oven is simply a closed, insulated space or chamber to cook food by adding heat giving different tastes rather than top cooking (boiling, frying, grilling, etc). In general, some simple factors should be considered when selecting commercial ovens which are:
  • Heavy duty construction materials against thermal stresses, corrosion, etc.
  • Safe against overheat, over pressure, gas leaks & fires, electric shocks, burns, etc.
  • Hygiene, all material and/or final product should be approved by any international authority.
  • Oven chamber dimensions should be according to GN standard size
  • Proper insulation to reduce heat losses, which means: faster cooking, reduction of oven heat energy costs, reduction of kitchen heat & accordingly air conditioning expenses, etc.
  • Proper sealing for oven (air tight), to reduce hot air leakage, for the same above mentioned reasons for insulation.
  • Selecting of suitable oven type.

Cooking oven types:

Range oven