This a very famous equipments especially in Middle East countries, also called “Vertical rotisserie” or “Shawerma grill“, used for grilling of meat slices which is cut to prepare dishes & sandwiches, see Fig.8.8.1
Fig.8.8.1 Gyros grill

 Selection factors:

·        Materials (stainless steel)
·        Gas or electric or coal fired.
·        With or without spit rotating motor.
·        Single or double spit.
·        Meat capacity in kg.
·        Safety controls
·        With or without sandwich warming recess (warming recess beside heat source to hold sandwich warm until serving)
·        With or without under cabinet.
·        Under cabinet drawers for bread, salads, tools, etc.


Fig.8.8.2 Gyros grill – POTIS – GERMANY 

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.8.8.2, Gyros grill with the following features; Stainless steel construction, gas operated with multi gas infrared burners each with separate control, electric spit motor, maximum meat capacity 120 kg, maximum meat height 810 mm, gas power 17.5 KW, combustion surface 810 x 185 mm, overall dims 620 x 800 x 1310 mm height, model (GD5), manufactured by “Potis” – Germany.