This is another special fryer (also known as “Non fat fryer” & “Oilless fryer“), in which the food is fried without using oil & it can be classified as a special convection oven where frying is processed by using of hot air & steam. Advantages of this type are; fried food with lower calories, low running cost because of no oil, less ventilation requirements, etc.


Fig.7.9.6 Fat free fryer – UBERT – GERMANY

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.9.6, a Fat free fryer with the following features; compacted unit with electric heating of 4.6 KW at 400 Volt, right loading version, frying basket allow frying of 2.5 kg of French fries at one charge or 2 kg of frozen French fry, low noise, suitable for front cooking, dims 636 x 700 x 700 mm, optionally can be provided with automatic self cleaning system, model (ROFRY RF-330-ST), manufactured by “Ubert” – Germany.