Eggs can be boiled in any cooking pan, but the advantage of egg boiler that cooker can control boiling to get soft or hard boiled eggs. Suitable for cafeterias, breakfast preparation area in central kitchen of hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. See Fig.8.11.1
Fig.8.11.1 Eggs boilers – TECNOINOX – ITALY


Selection factors & market example:

As shown in Fig.8.11.1, Egg boiler with the following features; Stainless steel construction, counter top, electric heater of 1.85 KW, 24 eggs capacity, full power or half power setting, safety thermostat, 1 to 6 minutes adjustable timer, end cooking warning signal, automatic basket lift, water discharge valve, 25 kg weight, dims 410 x 500 x 560 mm height, model (ER 24), manufactured by “Tecnoinox” – Italy.