This type is suitable for breakfast preparation in hotels, schools, hospitals, and wherever large quantities of warmed toast are required. See Fig.8.13.2
Fig.8.13.1 Conveyor toaster – DUALIT – UNITED KINGDOM

 Selection factors & market example:

As shown in Fig.8.13.1, Conveyor toaster with the following features;
Conveyor type with 3 slices capacity, variable speed control to get different levels of toast heating, 500 slices per hour, independent control for top & bottom heaters, standby mode to save up to 75% power consumption,radiant quartz red heat quick start-up elements (5-10 minutes warm up time), suitable for toast and bagels (up to 30 mm thick), heated holding area to keep toast warm, Removable crumb tray, override safety cutout, total power electric 4.1 KW at 230 Volts, 32 kg weight, dims 470 x 640 x 400 mm height, model (DCT 3), manufactured by “Dualit” – United