The following are some optional line accessories manufactured by “Inoxtrend” – Italy:
Fig. Line accessories – INOXTREND – ITALY
Fig. Under cabinet with doors – INOXTREND – ITALY
Fig. Unit with marble top – INOXTREND – ITALY


Fig. Other external finishes – INOXTREND – ITALY

–        Display case with shelves made of tempered glass.
–        Sneeze guard with upper shelf made of tempered glass – see Fig.
–        Under cabinet with 2 doors – see Fig.
–          Intermediate upper shelf.
–          Heated display structure for Bain-Maries made of stainless steel.
–          Tray slide with 3 or 4 tubes made of stainless steel.
–          Stainless steel service shelf (placed on operator side).
–          Granite top – Africa black type – see Fig.
–          Other external finishes  – see Fig.