Bain-Marie function is to keep served food hot during all the serving time; this is achieved by hot water bath surrounding food pans (wet type) or hot top surface or well (dry type). The water is heated by an electric heater controlled by a thermostat. 

Selection factors:

  • Materials (stainless steel with different external colors or stain finished, different decoration finishes according to manufacturer).
  • Wet or dry type (Wet type should be provided at site with water & drain connections which are not required for dry type).
Fig. Bain-Marie with tray slide, sneeze guard & 2 shelves – INOXTREND – ITALY


Fig. Bain-Marie with display cabinet – INOXTREND – ITALY

  • With or without under cabinet.
  • Top & cabinet dimensions (matching GN sizing system or any standard sizing system. Top well dimensions can be expressed in number of GN 1/1 pans, e.g. 2, 3 or 4 Nos. GN 1/1 pans).
  • Top well depth (to hold food pan required depth – commonly 200 mm for wet type).
  • Heated or unheated cabinet (commonly heated with circulating fan).
  • Separate heaters for well and cabinet each with independent thermostat.
  • Well & cabinet heater capacity in KW.
  • Water level safety control (stop the heater in case of low water level – for wet type – some wet types allow dry working safely).
  • Signal lamps, temperature display, etc.
  • Stationary or mobile type.
  • Open or with heated display cabinet (separate heater & control can be provided for display cabinet).
  • Open type accessories (sneeze guard, intermediate shelf, upper shelf, etc – check accessories at end of this section).
  • Should match other elements in the self service line.
  • Height should be suitable for kids in case the line will serve children (e.g. in a kinder garten – this should be considered for all other line elements)
  • Provided with or without stainless steel GN pans.
  • See next example.

Market example:

As shown in Fig., Wet type Bain-Marie with the following features; Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 construction, under cabinet with hinged doors, heated well with thermostat control & signal lamp (optionally with heated cabinet), stationary type (optionally with braked wheels), well & cabinet dims to GN sizing system, well dims suitable for 4 GN 1/1 pans, 200 mm well depth, water inlet and drain cock, can be operated safely with or without water, 650 mm depth (back to front), 2.66 KW heating power at 230 Volts, dims 1435 x 650 x 940 mm height, model (KB 14), manufactured by “Inoxtrend” – Italy.