This is the second equipment in self service line, used for holding & displaying of cold foods, salads, sweets, ice cream, etc. Counter includes a mechanical refrigeration cycle (see Basics & Cold storage equipments), can be provided with different shapes as shown in Fig. to


Fig. Refrigerated counter with refrigerated top or well – INOXTREND – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (stainless steel with different external colors or stain finished, different decoration finishes according to manufacturer).
  • Refrigerated top or well.
  • With or without under cabinet.


Fig. Refrigerated display case with refrigerated top or well -INOXTREND – ITALY

  • Under cabinet with doors or drawers or both.
  • Counter type & function (see Fig. to
  • Top & cabinet dimensions (matching GN sizing system or any standard sizing system. Top well dimensions can be expressed in number of GN 1/1 pans, e.g. 2, 3 or 4 Nos. GN 1/1 pans).
  • Top well depth (to hold food pan required depth – 20 to 200 mm).
  • Refrigerated or non refrigerated cabinet (commonly refrigerated with circulating fan).


Fig. Refrigerated counter with display for ice cream – INOXTREND – ITALY

  • Compressor power in KW.
  • CFC free refrigerant type (see Cold storage equipments).
  • Automatic defrost & re-evaporation.
  • Signal lamps, temperature display, etc.
  • Stationary or mobile type.
  • Open type accessories (sneeze guard, shelf, tray slide, etc – check accessories at end of this section).
  • Should match other elements in the self service line.
  • See refrigeration equipments selection factors – Cold storage equipments
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig., Refrigerated counter with the following features; Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 construction, under cabinet with hinged doors, top with display case, top well with 4 GN 1/1 pans and 20 mm depth, independent refrigeration for top-display and under cabinet, digital temperature control, stationary type (optionally with braked wheels), dims to GN standard sizing system, CFC free refrigerant, hermetic compressor, automatic defrost & re-evaporation, 0.52 KW input power at 230 Volts, 650 mm depth (back to front), dims 1435 x 650 x 940 mm height, model (KE 14P), manufactured by “Inoxtrend” –