Soup kettle or “Soup warmer” is one of open buffet equipments. Its function is to keep soup warm during serving time, through hot water bath (wet type or bain-marie heating to avoid soup scorching with direct heating especially for thick soups). Dry heating is available from some manufacturers.
Fig. Soup kettle – LACOR – SPAIN

 Selection factors:

  • Material (internally stainless steel).
  • External decorative finish.
  • Capacity in liters.
  • Heating power in KW.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig., Soup kettle with the following features; stainless steel internal pan, 11 liters capacity, suitable for wet or dry heat, 800 Watts electric heating power at 230 Volts, adjustable thermostat 30 to 100 oC manufactured by “Lacor” –