Chafing dish is a decorative serving pan for open buffets, used for non equipped buffet units (neutral tables) to keep served food always hot during serving. Chafing dish heat the food in similar way to wet bain-marie, where food pan is heated by an internal hot water bath. Water can be heated by either heating burner (uses special fuel jell which is not Smokey & has no bad smell), electric heater or induction electric heater. Chafing dish is made of stainless steel, commonly with mirror finish, provided with water pan, burner or electric heater holder, etc, as shown in Fig. to – all are in stainless steel. Manufacture by Lacor – Spain.
Fig. Chafing dish with burner holder – LACOR – SPAIN


Fig. Chafing dish with roll top & brass legs – LACOR – SPAIN

Fig. Round chafing dish – LACOR – SPAIN
Fig. Chafing dish burner holder and fuel gel can – LACOR – SPAIN
Fig. Chafing dish electric heater with power regulator – LACOR – SPAIN
Fig. Chafing dish induction electric heater with power regulator – LACOR – SPAIN