Fig.12.3.1. Pizza preparation table with marble top- GEMM – ITALY
Pizza preparation table is used for manual sheeting of pizza on table top in addition to apply different types of topping on pizza before baking. Table has refrigerated pans on top to keep food fresh (vegetables, cheese, pickles, shrimps, sausage, processed meat, etc).

 Selection factors:

See selection factors of tables & sinks (Kitchen tables, sinks & cupboards) and refrigeration equipments (Cold storage equipments)

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.12.3.1, a Pizza preparation table with the following features; stainless steel structure, marble top, 354 liters refrigerated base (cupboard) with 3 doors of GN 1/1 size, refrigerated tray (pan) holder on table top to GN sizes, glass sneeze guard with upper shelf, anti-condensation device for tray holder, automatic hot gas defrost, double thermostatic temperature control for the refrigerated base and the tray holder, 0 to 8 °C base temperature, 2 to 8 °C tray holder temperature, R 134a refrigerant, 413 Watts electric power at 230 Volts, dims 1600 x 720 x 1450 mm height, model (SMART 1), manufactured by “Gemm” –