Pizza cutting machine or (Pizza cutter) is a simple machine to cut pizza into equal pieces in one press. The main advantage is time saving in large capacity pizza shops in addition of nice equal cutting shape. See Fig.12.5.1


Fig.12.5.1 Pizza cutting machine – SIL FIM SRL – ITALY


Fig.12.5.2 Pizza cutting blades – SIL FIM SRL  – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; stainless steel cutting knife & food approved contact materials.
  • Manual or electric.
  • Number of cutting discs (each one means different cutting arrangement to cut into 3 pieces, 5 pieces, 8 pieces …etc. – see Fig.12.5.2).
  • Square or circular pizzas.
  • Maximum pizza dimensions (or diameter for circular pizza).
  • Should not disturb pizza topping.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.12.5.1, a Pizza cutting machine with the following features; manual cutting, stainless steel blades, for circular pizzas up 48 cm diameter, provided with 4 edges cutting disc which cut into 4 pieces or 8 pieces by repeat cutting, optionally can be provided with spare blades for 3 or 5 edges (Fig.12.5.2), also can be provided with solid beech wood cutting board or solid wood table, model (Tagliopizza), manufactured by “SIL FIM SRL” – Italy.