Tray sealer or (Box sealer) – Fig.18.4.1 – is used for sealing of plastic trays – Fig.18.4.2 – with thin plastic cover, useful for packing of pickles, salads, cheese, cold foods, sauces, yogurt, etc. This machine is suitable for super markets, grocery shops, cheese shops, central kitchens in hospitals, schools, airport catering, etc.
Fig.18.4.1 Tray sealer – VALKO – ITALY


Fig.18.4.2 Different dies for tray sealer – VALKO – ITALY

Selection factors:

  • Materials; Stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Single or double moulds.
  • Shape & size of attached moulds.
  • Plastic roll dims
  • Manual or automatic feeding of plastic cover.
  • Plastic cover roll dimensions (width x length).
  • Controls; adjustable timer, adjustable thermostat, sound alert, signal lamps, etc.
  • See next example


Fig.18.4.3 Cup sealer – VALKO – ITALY
Fig.18.4.4 Tray sealer model TS 2

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.18.4.4, a Tray sealer with the following features; stainless steel construction, Teflon coated aluminum plate, single or double mould, adjustable thermostat (0 to 200 °C), dims of single mould 195 x 140 mm, dims of double mould 2 No x 140 x 95 mm, maximum tray height 100 mm, 190 mm roll width, 200 mm roll diameter, 600 Watts at 230 Volts, 16 kg weight, overall dims 515 x 555 x 385 mm height, model (TS2), manufactured by “Valko” –