After filling sausages, this special machine is used for nipping & cutting sausage to equal portions suitable for packing (Fig. Machine is available for industrial large capacities and is available also for commercial purposes such as butchery shops, central kitchens and small sausage factories.


Fig. Sausage portioning machine – GASER – SPAIN

Selection factors:

Material (stainless steel or any approved food contact material), manual or electric or pneumatic, production rate in cuts / minute, possible cutting lengths, possible sausage diameters, motor power (if electric), air flow rate & air pressure (if pneumatic – unless you have adequate compressed air source, you should purchase an air compressor to operate the machine, usually, pneumatic is more suitable for factories), etc.

Market example:

As shown in Fig., a fresh sausage portion cutting machine (portioning machine) with: stainless steel & non toxic plastic construction, manual operation, nips & cut sausage with production rate of 100 to 400 pieces / minute (depending upon required sausage size), Suitable for natural or artificial casings, variable cutting length of  80, 100,120, 140, 160, 180 mm – (optionally 80, 160, 180, 200, 240 & 280 mm), 10 to 35 mm sausage diameter, counter top, packaged dims. 570 x 510 x 240 mm, 10 kg weight. Suitable for butchery shops, central kitchens and small sausage factories, etc. Model L-80, manufacture by “Gaser” – Spain