One of the meat mincing problems is the rise of meat temperature during mincing process (energy conversion), for that meat should be cooled before mincing as to stay cold after mincing. In some international regulations, time between taking meat from refrigerator (for mincing) and returning the meat to refrigerator (or freezer) should not exceed one hour with 7 ˚C maximum meat temperature during this period. Sometimes it is difficult to control this process in addition to another problem which is residual meat inside the mincer, where its temperature is increased because of mincing process in addition of keeping it without cooling until the next mincing process, this will increase the rate bacterial growth. If residual meat is mixed with new meat which the product will not be safe to eat and would consequently cause food poisoning. Accordingly meat mincer should be properly cleaned after each mincing process. These problems can be solved by using a refrigerated meat mincer Fig., which includes a refrigeration cycle to cool the meat during mincing process.
Fig. Refrigerated meat mincer- Model C/E 32 R – LA MINERVA – ITALY
Fig. Burger attachment – LA MINERVA – ITALY        

Market example:

As shown in Fig. , electric counter top refrigerated meat mincer with stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 casing, feed pan & meat contact parts, stop-start-reverse switch, independent mincing & refrigeration operation, removable transparent cover, provided with semi-automatic hamburger attachment, consisting of 3 snap-on coupling parts, washable in water, adjustable and
available in 3 different thicknesses (11, 14, 17 mm), adjustable burger weight (60 to 195 grams), stops automatically after reaching the preset weight and restarts automatically. Mincer output 500 kg/hr or 500 hamburger pieces/ hr, mincer motor 2.2 KW (3 Ph 400 Volts), refrigeration compressor power 0.11 KW 230 Volts, low noise hermetic compressor, refrigerant R-134a, electronic thermostat for precision temperature control, optimum working temperature: +1 °C, with feed pan refrigerated on 5 sides and transparent cover, dims 575 x 607 x 366 mm, weight 61 kg, suitable for butchery shops, super markets, central kitchens, etc. Model C/E R 32 H, manufactured by ‘La Minerva” –