An important machine for preparation of meat steaks, suitable for butchery shops, central kitchens in hotels, restaurants, etc. Machine function is to cut deeply meat fibers & sinews through tenderizing blades as to simplify meat chewing & reduce cooking time (energy saving). The most simple, common tenderizer is this one which looks like a hammer (Fig.


 Fig. Simple manual tenderizer

Machine is depending on the same idea, but the meat pass through 2 cylinders each with sharp blades  the meat piece passes through the two rotating cylinders which cut fibers & sinews.

Selection factors:

Materials (fully stainless steel or stainless steel meat contact parts), counter top or free stand, rotating type (Fig. or press type, manual (Fig. or electric (Fig., motor power (if electric), number of available cylinders (for different distances between blades), noise level, optional accessories (see example), with or without reversing motion, safety controls, etc.

Fig. Manual rotating meat tenderizer – Model IM4 – OMAS – ITALY


Fig. Electric rotating meat tenderizer – Model INT90 – OMAS – ITALY

Market example:

As shown in Fig., An electric, rotating meat tenderizer with: anodized aluminum casing, stainless steel blades, easy disassemble without tools, provided with 4 m distance between blades (6 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm are available as options), also can be provided – optionally – with: strip cutting cylinders in different sizes, two hands reversing safety switch and feeding tray. Electric motor 0.4 KW at 230 Volts, Dims. 450 x 200 x 510 mm height, etc. Model (INT90), manufactured according to EEC & GS regulations by “Omas” –