This machine belongs to a family of meat preparation machines which their functions are the derinding of meat skins, removal of fat layers, removal of membranes, finally to get a piece of meat with clean red surface, as shown in Fig.


Fig. Meat skinning & derinding


Fig. Combined meat derinder & membrane skinner – MAJA – GERMANY

Selection factors:

Materials (stainless steel, food approved plastics), number of functions: derinding, membrane skinning, derinding & membrane skinning, etc, manual or automatic, tooth roller cleaning system (commonly by compressed air), motor power, safety controls, etc.

Market example:

As shown in Fig., a combined derinder & membrane skinner with the following features; Electric, stainless steel with: 434 mm cutting width, suitable for most types of meats, 0,55 / 0,88 KW electric motor, 400 Volts, dims. 280 liters air consumption, 846 x 622 x 994 mm height, 185 kg weight, model (ESB 4434 V) Manufactured by “Maja” – Germany.  (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).