According to different international manufacturers, it is also called “Meat chop cutter“, “Meat portioning machine” and “Raw meat slicer“. Used to slice meat with or without bones into equal thickness slices , also can be used for fish, processed meat or cheese. The main feature of this equipment is the smooth cutting with no bone chipping (compare with cleaver cutting), also gives quick precise cutting results.
As shown in Fig., meat product is laid in chamber 1, then starting the machine, meat will be pushed in equal displacement steps toward chamber 2,passing through rotating cutter knife, so meat is sliced and pushed into a removable tray in chamber 2. Displacement is adjustable according to the desired cutting thickness.
Selection factors:
Materials (stainless steel), table top or floor mounted, fixed or mobile (with castors- in which two with brake), useful product dimensions (chamber 1), productivity slices / minute, motor power, knife types (smooth, serrated), safety controls, etc.
Fig. Meat chop cutter – SACCARDO ITALY

Market example:

Electric, Stainless steel, meat Chop cutter, Loading vane dimensions 210 x 240 mm, overall dims. 2367 x 832 x 1496 mm height, adjustable cutting thickness from 5 to 50 mm, can deliver 90 to 180 cuts per minute (optional), can cut meat with or without bones and down to – 2˚C, noise level less than 70 db, 3 KW motor at 400 volts ± 10%, six knife types: smooth, serrated, half smooth, saber smooth, saber serrated and saber half smooth, net weight 330 kg.
Model TITANIO 2, suitable for medium to large butchery shops, large catering systems, etc, as shown in Fig., manufactured by Saccardo” – Italy –