This equipment is commonly classified as an industrial equipment in meat processing factories, but also can be used in large commercial kitchens & large butchery shops. Equipment is doing double job where it is chopping meat pieces (without mincing) and mixing them with additives at the same time, instead of using meat mincer followed by meat mixer. Used to prepare fine mixtures of meat especially for sausage filling, also can be used for other types of foods to get fine results, as shown in Fig. Equipment is composed of a horizontally revolving bowl (at low speed) equipped with a set of knives rotating at high speed, see Fig., knives are guarded with a cover. Usually, bowl has two low speeds and also knife has two high speeds which allow four different speed arrangements for different chopping processes. Cutter may be provided with thermometer to view meat temperature for easy control of mixture temperature. Temperature is increased because of cutting stresses, this will increase bacterial growth, and so, it is very important that knives should be very sharp (for easy quick cutting) and temperature can be kept low by adding of chilled water or flaked ice to the mixture.


 Fig. Bowl cutter – MADO – GERMANY


 Fig. Meat bowl cutter & knife – MADO – GERMANY  

Selection factors:

Materials (fully stainless steel or stainless steel food contact parts), capacity in Liters, number of bowl speeds, number of knife speeds, with or without reverse speeds, knife motor power, bowl motor power, with or without thermometer, manual or automatic control, number & size of knives, with or without vacuum pump (for industrial large capacities), with or without emptying device (also for large capacities), etc.

Market example:

As shown in Fig., a fully stainless steel bowl cutter with: 20 Liters capacity, knife head with four knives, knife shaft with 2 speeds 1400 / 2800 rpm, revolving bowl with 2 speeds 12 / 24 rpm, total power 4.2 KW at 400 Volts, dims. 930 x 670 x 550 mm height, 140 kg weight, emergency stop button, human safety control, etc. model MTK 662 (GARANT 20), manufactured by “Mado” –
Industrially, this equipment can be provided with vacuum pump (process will be under vacuum) which improve the water binding capacity of the meat mixture and also meat color will be better.