The main function of this machine is to remove hair from legs & heads of veal, cow & sheep. This is a very special machine in the field of commercial kitchen equipments, where it is suitable for slaughtering houses more than kitchens, but it’s listed here where it’s required for special restaurants in some Middle East countries (especially Egypt), these restaurants are specialized in cooking & serving plates of veal legs, veal head & rice sausage. This restaurant is called in Arabic language “Masmat“, which means hair removing in Arabic language.

Fig. Hair remover – Ste FERRANDO – FRANCE

Market example:

As shown in Fig., a pneumatic, hand held hair remover with 450 (liter/min) air consumption at 6 to 8 bars (unless you have adequate compressed air source, you should purchase a separate compressor to operate the machine), equivalent to 400 Watts power, 3000 rpm, etc, manufactured by “Ste Ferrando” – France.