Refrigerated table or “Refrigerated cupboard” has the same idea like heated cabinet but electric heater is replaced by refrigeration cycle to keep cabinet cold (see Basics & Cold storage equipments to know more about refrigeration equipments).This equipment is usually used in bakeries, cold food preparation areas, pizza shops, salad preparation, etc. for storage of foods (such as cheese, processed meats, pickles,


Fig.3.34 Refrigerated cupboard – GEMM – ITALY


Vegetables, fruits, etc). In addition to cold storage function, it is used as an ordinary work top to prepare the stored food (cutting, mixing, sheeting, etc). The work top is not refrigerated.

Selection factors:

In addition to cupboard selection factors, consider the following:

  • Capacity in liters or internal cupboard dimensions.
  • Are internal dimensions to GN size?
  • With or without intermediate shelf.
  • With adjustable feet or with castors (see Fig.3.34).
  • With or without stainless steel top (refrigerated base without stainless steel top is used as a base for other equipments).
  • Stainless steel or marble top (marble top is used for bakery, pastry & pizza preparation tables).


Fig.3.35 Refrigerated table – GEMM – ITALY

  • With or without refrigerated drawers.
  • Refrigerant should be CFC free (see Cold storage equipments).
  • Cabinet should be thermally insulated (preferred to have injected poly urethane foam with thickness around 50 mm).
  • Condenser should be suitable for actual ambient temperature (see Cold storage equipments).
  • Should have automatic defrost & re-evaporation.
  • With built-in or remote condensing unit (see Cold storage equipments).
  • Common internal temperature range: (-2 to +8 ºC) or (+2 to +8 ºC) & (0 to +10 ºC) also manufactured for freezing (-18 to -25 ºC).
  • With single or dual temperature range (in dual temperature range, cupboard has two separate zones each with different temperature range for example 2 to +8 ºC & -18 to -25 ºC).
  • See refrigeration equipment general selection factors (Cold storage equipments).

Market example:

As shown in Fig.3.35, a refrigerated table with the following features: Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 construction, stainless steel top, rounded corners to facilitate cleaning and ensure maximum hygiene, 2 hinged doors & 2 drawers with magnetic snap-in gaskets, digital temperature display, thermostat control, automatic defrost by an electric heater & re-evaporation, incorporated condensing unit, provided with rack for each door with GN 1/1 size, back splash, four castors (2 with brake), 348 liters capacity, power 310 Watts at 230 Volts, temperature range (-2 to +8 ºC) at maximum ambient temperature 32 ºC (can be provided on request with tropical condenser at ambient temperature of 43 ºC), CFC free refrigerant R-134a, external dimensions 1880 x 700 x 950 mm height, series “ATLAS” – model (TRG 185 A), manufactured by “GEMM” –