Insects can be classified as one of the most dangerous enemies of hygiene. Insect killer (Fig.17.6.1) is an equipment to attract flying insects through UV light tube(s) and kill them by a high voltage electric shock or stick them in a replaceable glued plate. Wherever food is processed, insect killers should be provided, in central kitchens of hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants (preparation, cooking, distribution, washing & waste collection, etc), in addition to cafeterias, fast food restaurants, butcher shops, fish markets, super markets, outdoor BBQ in hotels & clubs, etc.


Fig.17.6.1 Insect killer – BOWER – UNITED KINGDOM

 Selection factors:

  • Casing materials; Plastic and/or stainless steel.
  • Fixation type; table top, wall hang or ceiling suspended
  • Coverage area in m2; is the effective insect attraction area for a killer (approx 20 to 400 m2).
  • Number and wattage of lamps (related to coverage area – see example).
  • Type of insect catching; either killing by a high voltage electric shock or catching by a glued plate, in fact both can be used in food service areas but sometimes glued plate is preferred in food serving areas or dining halls where electric shocks may produce noise and sometimes bad smell.
  • Is it protected against weather conditions? (In case of outdoor installation such as garden BBQ in hotels, killer should be protected against weather conditions according to site conditions such as humidity, temperature, rain water, dust, etc. See Basics to know more about IP protection grades for electric equipments).
  • Lamp life in hours.
  • Is lamp a shatter proof type? (Using of an ordinary lamp is very dangerous in food preparation areas. Shatter proof lamp is an un-breakable lamp, i.e. lamp is covered with a protective thin layer which prevents glass pieces to fall down into food when lamp is broken, this layer also protects food against lamp phosphor content which is also dangerous when mixed with food. This is an essential factor in selecting insect killers for food preparation areas.
  • See next example. 

Market example:

As shown in Fig.17.6.1, an Insect killer with the following features; ceiling or wall or floor mounted, housing of stainless steel 304, a large stainless steel insect catchment tray with anti-crawl lips, for hygienic cleaning, 110 to 180 m² coverage area, 2 x 22 Watts circular  UV shatter proof lamps, 230 Volts, model (T100) – order code (F10CSS), manufactured according to BS 3456 part 201, 9.5 kg weight, dims 545 x 395  x 150 mm height, manufactured by “Bower” –United