Hygiene & HACCP equipments

This section presents hygiene & HACCP equipments. HACCP “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” is an international system to prevent contamination in any food establishment (commercial or industrial). This system indicates the critical points in food preparation different stages which may tend to food contamination. To explain that simply, when following meat processing stages in a central kitchen HACCP system identifies critical points and specify rules which should be followed by staff to ensure no meat contamination or bacteria growth during these stages, for example;
  • Receiving area; clean space, insect killer, low environment temperature, etc.
  • Cold storage; chilling & freezing temperatures temperature limits & measuring, blast freezing conditions control, alarms, etc.
  • Preparation area; Reach-in refrigerators & freezers temperatures, preparation sink, hand wash sink, insect killers, color coded cutting boards to prevent cross contaminations, (see Preparation equipments), cutting board scrapping, knife sterilizers, food waste disposer for quick discharge of meat waste, etc.
  • Cooking area; cooking temperatures limits & measuring, cooked food blast chilling, re-thermalizing, etc.
  • Distribution area; serving temperature limits & measurements, etc.
In this section we will not study the HACCP system details, where it is out of scope of this book (equipments) and requires complete books to cover details of this system, but some of tools & equipments required for hygiene and applying of HACCP system, will be presented in the following pages.
Soap dispenser
Paper towel dispenser