Shelving unit is the basic equipment in dry or cold storage areas. Food service shelving units are either to be a plastic or metallic (stainless steel, chromate, zinc coated, Nylon coated, epoxy coated, aluminum)

Fig. Modular shelving units – CRAVEN SOLUTIONS – UNITED KINGDOM

Fig. Stainless steel wire shelves – CRAVEN SOLUTIONS – UNITED KINGDOM

Fig. Epoxy coated shelves – CRAVEN SOLUTIONS – UNITED KINGDOM

Fig. Braked castors (optional) – CRAVEN SOLUTIONS – UNITED KINGDOM


Selection factors:

  • Materials; should be Food grade material – anodized aluminum, nylon coated galvanized steel, epoxy coated steel, stainless steel (preferable) or plastic (plastic is commonly Polypropylene – employed in cold stores where it is suitable for temperatures down to -30 to -40 °C. Also nylon coated, epoxy coated steel & stainless steel can be used in cold stores & freezers down to -40 oC).
  • Stationary or mobile with castors (Fig.
  • Should have adjustable shelf level.
  • Possibility of holding GN containers in addition to shelves (Fig.
  • Types:
–          Modular type; modular type is as shown in Fig., means shelving units can be connected together to look as on unit by using of hooks or connectors, saving additional vertical posts, this type is the common type and is preferred to facilitate extending shelving area in addition it can suit actual available space conditions as straight line, U shape, L shape, etc.
–          Slant type; in which the shelf is not horizontal but inclined (slopped) to give better view of products on shelf.
  • Number of shelves (tiers) per unit (3, 4, 5).
  • Shelf type; solid, perforated or wired (perforated and wired type guarantee proper ventilation around food product).
  • Shelf load carrying capacity in kg; ranging from around 100 to 350 kg per shelf depending on shelf construction (e.g. wired shelf has bigger load carrying capacity than solid shelf) and shelf length (longer shelf has less capacity because of longer span).
  • Easy assembling and disassembling without tools is an advantage (Fig.

Fig. Easy assembling/disassembling – CRAVEN SOLUTIONS – UNITED KINGDOM

All of above shelves are manufactured by “Craven Solutions”United Kingdom. Check manufacturer directory for more information about this company.