Scale is one of essential equipment’s in receiving area of super markets, central kitchen of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.
Scales are either to be mechanical type (also called Dial type,) or to be electronic type (also called Digital type).
Mechanical type is as shown in Fig.4.4.1. Compared with electronic type; mechanical scale is simple to use, has lower price, easier maintenance & lower accuracy.
Electronic or digital type is as shown in Fig.4.4.2. Compared with mechanical type; electronic scale has higher accuracy, easier reading, possibility of pricing and printing, possibility for interfacing with central computer system to send & receive products data, higher price, requires professional technician for maintenance, etc.
Three types of scales can be required in receiving area:
  • Platform scale – Fig.4.4.1 & 4.4.2 (large capacity 150 to 1000 kg in 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, or 500 grams divisions according to kitchen capacity).
  • Bench scale – also called retail scale, Fig.4.4.3 & 4.4.4 (small capacity 1 to 50 kg in 1, 2, 5 or 10 grams divisions for receiving of small items).
  • Hook or suspended scale – Fig.4.4.5 (for receiving of meats, some times platform scale can be used). 

Selection factors:

  • Materials; platform should be of anti-scratch stainless steel or food grade material, casing of stainless steel, chrome plated or epoxy coated steel, aluminum and strong plastic materials.
  • Scale type; mechanical or electronic – platform, bench or hook type.
  • Maximum capacity in kg (around 2 to 50 kg for bench type & 150 to1000 kg for platform type).
Fig.4.4.1 Mechanical platform scale – ADE – GERMANY
105 ade
Fig.4.4.2 Electronic platform scale – ADE – GERMANY


  • Divisions in grams for mechanical or accuracy in grams for electronic (20, 50, 100, 200, 300, or 500 grams divisions for platform type & 1, 2, 5 or 10 grams divisions for bench type).
106 ade
Fig4.4.3 Mechanical type bench scale – ADE – GERMANY

107 ade

Fig.4.4.4 Electronic type bench scale – ADE – GERMANY 

108 ade
Fig.4.4.5 Hook scale – ADE – GERMANY 
109 ade
Fig.4.4.6 Electronic type with remote display – ADE – GERMANY 


  • With or without locking device (Locking device is used to fix the reading after removing the weight).
  • Dial diameter should be proportional to scale capacity for easy reading (mechanical type).
  • With or without turnable dial (turnable dial allows better vision from any angle).
  • Display should be liquid crystal and have easy to read font size (electronic type).
  • Built-in or remote display (Fig.4.4.6, for electronic type only).
  • Available functions in addition to weighting (for electronic type only, e.g. counting, pricing, etc. See Super market equipment’s for more information about electronic scale functions)
  • Adjustable level feet.
  • Platform dimensions should be suitable for expected products. Scales can be manufactured with the same capacity in kg but with different platform dimensions.
  • Should be selected according to actual working weather conditions (i.e. actual working temperature, dust & water proof especially for electronic types).
  • Error percentage.
  • Should be dust & water proof (especially for electronic types).
  • Should be calibrated by an independent local or international party with certification.
  • Electric power supply type; mains ac, replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • Displayed messages for electronic type (e.g. low battery).
  • Stand alone or can be interfaced with computer network (electronic type, for central feeding & receiving of data).
  • See Super market equipment’s for retail scales.
  • See next examples.

 Market examples:

Example 1: As shown in Fig.4.4.1, a Mechanical platform scale with the following features; multiple revolutions of the indicator, turnable dial, resistant material impact resistant lacquered coat (can be provided in stainless steel for food contact), 500 kg maximum capacity (minimum weight 10 kg), 200 grams divisions, 800 x 900 mm platform size (other sizes are available on request), 550 mm dial diameter, optionally mobile with rollers,115 kg scale weight, dims 710 x 1180 x 1620 mm height, manufactured by “ADE” – Germany. (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).


Example 2: As shown in Fig.4.4.2, an Electronic platform scale with the following features; built-in display with back-light LCD (LCD = Liquid Crystal Display), digits of 24 mm height, easy care membrane keyboard, inclinable indicator, 300 kg capacity, 20 grams graduation, Dims 420 x 950 x 670 mm, stainless steel weighting platform 420 x 520 mm, tare and counting function, freely programmable plus-minus-control, mains and accumulator operation: 230 V ac, accumulator service life approx. 100 h, Data interface RS 232, Optional with external printer, series (ESW), manufactured byADE” – Germany. (See manufacturer’s directory for more information about this company).


Example 3: As shown in Fig.4.4.5, a Hook scale with the following features; without construction for ceiling and beams, hot-dip galvanized steel construction
Stainless steel measuring cells IP 67 protected, loading capacity available from 300 to 600 kg, individual lengths from 320 to 1,000 mm available upon request, Digital indicator ADE STAN and wall bracket included, available for all common tube types, manufactured by ADE” – Germany. (See manufacturer’s directory for more information about this company).
See Super market equipment’s for bench type scale market examples.