Function: Removal of vegetables & fruits skin

potato peeler
Fig. Electric potato & carrots peeler – NILMA – ITALY
Onion peeler
Fig. Electric onions peeler – NILMA – ITALY
Garlic peeler
Fig. Electric garlic peeler – NILMA – ITALY

The most commonly used type is the potato peeler capacities between 5 to 50 kg (approx.). For larger catering systems a continuous automatic potato peeler may be used with higher & quick production.

 Selection factors & market example:

As shown in Fig., an electric potato peeler with the following features; 18/10 stainless steel, fine peeling for potatoes and carrots in two minutes with minimum amount of waste, adjustable timer controlled, skins are instantly disposed off by a water jet and collected in a stainless steel filter to prevent floor drain jamming, 15 kg loading capacity, 2 to 3 minutes peeling cycle, 3/4″ water inlet, 2″ drain connection, 0.55 KW motor at 230 Volts, 65 kg weight, model (PIONEER K15), manufactured by “Nilma” – Italy. (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).