A small machine used to dry vegetables or fruits through evaporating of their internal moisture by hot dry air heated by an electrical heater (or by solar energy), to dry naturally vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, flowers, herbs, pasta, etc, suitable for central kitchens, spice shops, etc.


Fig. Vegetables & fruits dryer  F.A.C.E.M – ITALY 

 Selection factors:

Material (stainless steel or any approved food contact material), total drying area, temperature range (˚C), electric heater power KW, drying time, controls, etc.

Market example:

As shown in Fig., an electric vegetable and fruit dryer with: Structure in stainless steel and ABS, stainless steel wire in 6 drying drawers, 5200 cm2 total drying area, working temperature +45ºC or +65ºC comply with the mark CE requirements, Thermostat to regulate the resistor, Electric heater power 480 W, dims 27 x 27 x 46 cm, weight 5.5 kg, etc. Model (DRY 5), manufactured by “F.A.C.E.M” – Italy. (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).