Proper washing of rice is an important process for starch removal and to get bright white color of rice. This machine is suitable for central kitchens in hotels, hospitals, schools, etc, especially in Asian, African & Middle East countries where the rice is the main lunch plate in their food.

Rice washer 

Fig. Rice washer – FUJIMAK – JAPAN

 Selection factors:

Material (stainless steel or any other approved food contact material), capacity in kg of rice, electric or water operated, etc. See next example.
Market example:

As shown in Fig., a rice washer with the following features: operated by water pressure (no electric power is required), 1 (kg/cm2) water pressure, by opening the water inlet valve, rice is transported from the washing tank to the elector pipe and the water in this pipe carries the rice and circulate it to the washing tank. This process repeats itself until the rice is thoroughly washed and the whole process takes only three to five minutes, capacity of rice 22 kg/load, manufactured according to CE regulations, dims 570 mm diameter x 800 mm height, 14 kg weight, etc. Model (FRW22W), manufactured by “Fujimak” – Japan. (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).