Wood or polyethylene cutting boards manufactured in different sizes & color coding to prevent cross contamination, used in all preparation areas Specifications should indicate CE, NSF or any equivalent approval (see Standards section for more information about international standards)

Color code:
  • Blue    : Seafood
  • White : Dairy
  • Green: Vegetables & fruits.
  • Red     : Raw meats
  • Tan    : Cooked meat
  • Yellow: Poultry
Fig.6.5.1 Polyethylene cutting boards – TERBRACK – GERMANY


  • For specialized cheese shops, it should be noticed that HACCP legislation requires that red bacteria cheese, white mould cheese and blue veined cheese are cut on separate cheese boards& with separate knives.
  • Also two separate boards may be used for vegetables & fruits to prevent flavor transmission from vegetables (e.g. onions) to fruits.
  • If you are designing or supplying cutting boards for hotels in Islamic countries you have to provide a separate cutting board with different color for pork meat cutting, where the municipality regulations in most of these countries are instructing for separate equipments & tools for processing of pork meat.
Market example:
As shown in Fig.6.5.1, a set of colored cutting boards, manufactured from high quality plastics, suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial use, made in compliance with the international hygiene requirements, neutral to odors & flavors, unbreakable, dishwasher safe, wet proof and safe to use with any type of knife, different dimensions, different thicknesses (8 – 20 mm), five colors each for different food type (blue: seafood, white: dairy, green: vegetables & fruits, red: raw meats, tan: cooked meat, yellow: poultry) – so, no bacterial cross contamination between different foods, no transfer of flavor and smells, manufactured by “Terbrack” –