Electric knife sharpener (also called knife grinder) is suitable for butcheries, fish & poultry markets, central kitchens, slaughter houses, etc. One sharpener is enough for all the kitchen areas. For small shops & kitchens a manual sharpener (Fig.6.7.1) can be used with periodical electric sharpening outside


Fig.6.7.1 Manual sharpeners – FLÜGEL GERMANY

Electric knife sharpener is either to be Dry type or Wet type. Wet type is preferred for food shops & catering systems where the knives can be sharpened in the work place without getting dust or fumes in the environment because of using water during sharpening process (wet grinding).Knife sharpening may be done by one stage sharpener in which the grinding wheel is sharpening the dulled knife edge, but for the professional use, an electric sharpener may include two stages (Grinding & Honing) or three stages (Grinding, Fine grinding & Honing) – see Fig.6.7.2

  • Grinding stage is used to remove a part of knife material to create a new edge.
  • Fine grinding stage will sharpen the created edge but the material removal is less than the first stage thanks to a special fine grinding wheel, this stage saves knife material which increase its life time.
  • Honing stage will remove the burr results from the last two stages, straighten the knife edge and polish the knife surface.
Fig.6.7.2 Three stages electric wet sharpener – KNECHT GERMANY

Accessories: In addition to standard component, sharpener may be provided with: Grinding belt instead of grinding wheel, Serration wheel (used for sharpening of cutlery or table knives), Fixation kit for bowl cutter knife or similar equipment knives (Note: In meat processing machines such as bowl cutter, it is very important that knife is always sharp, once the knife is dulled it will increase meat temperature because of extra cutting stresses, which increase the bacterial growth).


Fig. 6.7.3 Attachment for bowl cutter knife – KNECHT – GERMANY



  Cutlery knife

Fig.6.7.4 Serration grinding – KNECHT – GERMANY


Selection factors:
Materials, number of stages, dry or wet, floor or table mounted, electric power (Watts), accessories, etc. See the next example

Market example

As shown in Fig. 6.7.2 – Table mounted, electric wet sharpener, with three stages (grinding, fine grinding & honing), provided with attachment for grinding of bowl cutter knives (Fig.6.7.3) & spare serration wheel for grinding of cutlery knives (Fig. 6.7.4), suitable for grinding of knives, cleavers, scissors, etc.(Fig. 6.7.5), Dimensions 550 x 610 x 450 mm height, weight 36 kg, electric power 700 Watts at 230 Volts, meets the EU health and safety requirements and features the CE-sign. Suitable for butchery shops, fish markets, central kitchens, slaughter houses, meat processing factories, etc. Model USK 160 S, manufactured by “Knecht” – Germany – (see manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).