Food packing equipments

Packing of food products has different ways according to several factors such as:
  • Food product type; meat, fish, baked goods, raw foods, cooked foods, etc.
  • Ambient air effect on food.
  • Food product nature; solid, liquid, fragile, etc.
  • Establishment type; super market, butcher shop, restaurant, central kitchen in hospitals, hotels, schools, etc).
Proper food packing has several advantages such as:
  • Protects food against damaging & contamination.
  • Allows easier & safer food transportation.
  • Extends food life & freshness, prevents food dryness.
  • Allow food preparation in sufficient time before use especially for large quantities (such as airport catering or army camps) which can not be prepared in a short time.
  • Gives food an attractive look.
This section will present some commercial packing equipments which are commonly used in super markets, butcher shops, restaurants, cafeterias, central kitchens of hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.
Bag sealer
Tape gun
Bag closer
Tray sealer
Shrink wrapping film dispenser
Vacuum packing machines
Outside vacuum packer