Fig.7.9.7 Pressure fryer – Model KUROMA – PANDET – UK 

 This type of fryers is suitable for cafeterias & restaurant, especially fried chicken & meat restaurant. Pressure fryer is a deep fat fryer working under pressure, with a tight closed sealed cover. The steam created from fried food can not escape because of sealed cover; accordingly the pressure is increases inside the fryer (controlled by safety valve to prevent pressure exceeding certain value). Pressure fryers have some advantages such as:

– Frying in shorter time & accordingly saves energy, where pressure inside the fryer increase heat transfer rate between oil & fried food.

– Natural juices are retained inside fried food, which keep the food more soft & moist compared with fried food in an ordinary deep fat fryer.
– Fried food is healthier where it absorbs less oil (because of retained natural juices).
– Fried food shrinkage is less compared with ordinary frying because of retained juices.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.9.7, a pressure fryer with the following features; Stainless steel construction, aluminum pot, free stand, timer control, buzzer sounds & automatic pressure release at end of the cycle, 3 KW electric power at 240 Volts,production rate of 2.2 kg meat or chicken joints in 13 minutes approximately,
25 kg weight, model (KUROMA) supplied with oil drain tank, gravity filter & frying basket, manufactured by “Pandet” –