This type of fryers is provided with built-in air purifier which eliminates the need of exhaust hood, suitable for cafeterias or small restaurants in which it is difficult to install exhaust hood (e.g. because of no place for chimney or special local codes for this area, etc).
Fig.7.9.5 Hoodless fryer – Pom’chef – EUROCHEF – ITALY

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.9.5, a hoodless fryer with the following features; Stainless steel construction, counter top, built-in air purifier to eliminate all fumes & cooking vapor, 9 liters oil capacity, heating electric power 3 KW, total electric power 3.4 KW, 600 grams French fries charging quantity, timer control, overall dims 590 x 620 x 570 mm, 57 kg weight, optionally can be provided with freezer drawer and/or 4 castors trolley. Model (Pom’chef KL3), manufactured by “Eurochef” –