Fig.7.12.3 Counter top steamer – NILMA – ITALY

Steamer or “Steam cooker” can be classified as a cooking equipment (not as an oven), where it’s cooking by steam only. Cooking by steam has several advantages such as:
  • Preserving of food nutrients & vitamins.
  • Nice food appearance, food color is kept as it was before cooking (especially vegetables).
  • Reduce food shrinkage (especially meats).
  • Easier cleaning for trays & pans (no fats & food is not scorching in trays).
  • Less cooking time & less energy especially with pressure type steamers (pressure steamer increases steam pressure above atmosphere & accordingly increase temperature above 100 ºC)
  • Suitable for all types of food.
  • Possible to cook more than one type at the same time with no flavor transfer.
  • Cooking steam is saturated, i.e. cooked food will not be wet.

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (stainless steel in/outside).
  • Counter top (Fig.7.12.3) or free stand (Fig.7.12.5)
  • Pressure less or pressure type.
  • Gas, electric or direct steam (in direct steam, the steam is provided to the steamer from an external source, such as central steam generator “boiler”, in this case some accessories are required such as isolating valve, pressure gauge, steam trap, etc. In gas & electric types, the cooker has built-in steam generator).
  • Glass window.
  • Accessories & safety controls for gas (gas safety valve, flame failure device, etc, see cooking line equipments selection factors).
  • Electric controls & accessories such as thermometer, programmable or timer control, alarms, signal lamps, etc.
  • General safety controls (overpressure, door opening, water level, etc – see example).
  • Internal dimensions according to GN standard size.
  • Capacity in number of GN trays (see example).
  • With or without roll-in rack (see Fig.7.12.4, roll-in cart or roll-in trolley is used to load & unload food trays rack into & from the oven – usually for large sizes)
  • Power in KW.
  • With or without built-in water treatment unit.
  • See next example.
Fig.7.12.4 Roll-in rack – NILMA – ITALY
Fig.7.12.5 Steam cooker – NILMA – ITALY

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.12.5, a Steamer (steam cooker) with the following features: stainless steel construction in/outside, free stand, adjustable feet, insulated cooking chamber, door automatic release device at the end of the cooking cycle, digital electronic programmer for cooking times and main operating functions such as steam inlet and discharge at the end of the cooking cycle, built-in steam generator, generator and cooking chamber pressure gauges, cooking pressure selector either 0.5 bar or 0.98 bar, cooking chamber bottom automatic washing device, water inlet filter, device for quick hooking of the pan holding trolley at the entrance of the cooking chamber, water level electronic adjustment in the steam generator with external window. Safety devices: protection against low water in steam generator, cooking chamber pressure switch, steam generator pressure switch, safety valve calibrated at a maximum pressure of 1 bar and safety micro switch on the door. Machine is built according to I.S.P.E.S.L. regulation and provided with test and inspection certificate. Gas operated with 75 KW gas power, 1 KW electric power at 230 Volts (for accessories & control), SOFTENED water inlet 1/2”, main exhaust 1”1/2, water consumption 525 liter/hr, gas connection 3/4”, Weight of empty machine Kg 710, dims 1325 x 1220 x 2000 mm height, optionally can be provided as direct steam or electric operated. Also, optionally can be provided with roll-in or trolley mounted rack (Fig.7.12.4) with 18 pans GN 1/1 (h) 65 mm or 12 pans GN 1/1 (h) 100 mm or 6 pans GN 1/1 (h) 200 mm.The steam cooker model is (VAPHOOR), manufactured by “Nilma” –Italy.