This oven is one of the most important equipments in any central kitchen. This oven has all the advantages of convection ovens & steamers, in addition to combined cycles include hot air & steam together (for cooking of some food types) which can not be obtained either by steamer or convection oven. It’s also called “Combined convection/steam oven“, “Combined steam oven“, “Combi steamer oven” and “Combi oven

Fig.7.12.6 Combined steam convection oven – Multimax B – ELOMA – GERMANY


Fig.4.12.7 Core temperature sensor – ELOMA – GERMANY


Major cycles:

Major cycles for a combined oven are: Cooking by hot air, cooking by steam & cooking by a mixture of hot air & steam. According to manufacturer & oven features, some other cycles can be added depending upon major cycles, for example; it can be provided with two steaming cycles (low temperature & high temperature), the same can be added for combined cycles as will be shown in market example.

 Selection factors:

Similar to previous selection factors of convection ovens & steamers, in addition to control system & number of programs which is one of the most important factors in selecting of this oven, where each cycle is suitable for certain type of food. See next example. 

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.12.6, a Combined steam convection oven with the following features: fully stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 in/outside, 4 adjustable feet, built-in steam generator, control panel with the following built-in operations & cooking programs:
·  Multiple cooking processes feasible thanks to various combination possibilities of the two cooking media hot air and steam
 9 operating modes: Vario steaming, steaming, forced steaming, combi steaming, convection (hot air), LT-Cooking, DT-Cooking, Regeneration, Baking
 Electronic control –  processor controlled with supply of energy as occasion demands
 Programmable – 99 programs with up to 5 steps
 Combitronic® – computerised processing of the different cooking modes in sequence
 Memory – the last program entered is repeated just by restarting it again
 Clima-Aktiv ® – actively influencing the cooking chamber climate through removal of moisture
 Reduced fan speed – for gentle cooking, programmable
 Touch key foil panel with clear graphic symbols, large-sized digital displays, with infinitely variable rotary knobs
 Operation, error and warning indications
 HACCP Data Recording – automatic internal recording of HACCP relevant data
 Digital time and temperature display indicates actual values during cooking process  
 Live-steam system  – Original eloma steam generation directly in the cavity
 Multi-Eco system – heat recovery through heat exchanger, traceable reduction of electricity and water
 Manual  humidification – wanted manual addition of humidity
 Digital timer may be set from 1 minute to 24 hours or continuous setting
 Delay start programming – 24 hours
 E/2 – energy saving feature, reduction of heating capacity, peak load regulation
 Temperature range convection:  30° C to 300° C ( 85° F to 570 °F )
 Temperature range combi-cooking: 30° C to 250° C ( 85° F to 480° F)
 Temperature range steaming, – vario-steaming from 30°C to 98° C, steaming at 99° C, intensive steaming from  100° C to 130° C.
 Low temperature cooking/LT (cook&hold), fan operating in intervals, long time cooking from 30° C to 120° C ( 85 °F to 250° F )
 Core temperature control with multi-point core temperature sensing – precise measurement of core temperatures from  0°C to 99°C over the entire sensing distance, control of cooking processes and compensation of incorrect plunging.  
 Active Temp automatic pre- heating and cooling down of the cooking chamber to a set temperature, cooling down by using the residual heat.

Also includes digital display for Temperature – Relative humidity and Time, seamless chambers with rounded corners welded by robots for hygiene, capacity can be increased by changing spacing between trays to 67 mm. Unit has capacity of 20 GN 2/1 trays or 40 GN 1/1 trays, 2 water supply connections each of ¾” (additional one for manual shower), 50 mm drain connection, electrically operated with 68 KW at 400 Volts (3 Ph), protection IPX5, dims 1310 x 1086 x 1925 mm, 495 kg weight, model(Multimax B 20-21), manufactured by “Eloma” –