This oven combines advantages of microwave ovens in addition to advantages of convection ovens. Microwaves cook food in less time, while convection is browning, crisping, etc, giving food the taste & nice appeal of convection oven food. Usually, control system can operate the oven either as only microwave oven, only convection oven or combined microwave convection oven.



Fig.7.12.10 Combined microwave steam convection oven – LEVENTI – NETHERLANDS


This oven can be manufactured also with steam humidifier as to combine advantages of microwave, convection oven and steamer.

Selection factors:

Similar to selection factors for convection ovens and microwave ovens. See also next example.
Market example:
As shown in Fig.7.12.10, a combined microwave convection oven with the following features; 4 x Euronorm (60 x 40 cm) or 4 x 1/1 GN trays capacity, combined steam (0 to 100%), convection (dry heat 50 to 300 oC) & microwave oven (1 KW power), ¾” water inlet, Φ 40 mm drain, memory for 200 cooking programs & custom-made programming, total power 10.5 KW at 400 Volt, model (Booster 3), manufactured by “Leventi” –