This equipment is previously discussed as built-in mixer with boiling & braising pans. Mobile cooking mixer is separate independent equipment, electrically operated and mobile in castors as shown in Fig.7.15.5 & 6


Fig.7.15.5 Mobile cooking mixer – NILMA – ITALY


Fig.7.15.6 Mobile cooking mixer – NILMA – ITALY


The equipment is suitable for emulsifying, homogenizing, hashing directly in the cooking pots or basins for the preparation of vegetables soups, dense vegetable soups, potato purées, sauces, jams, etc.

Stainless steel structure 18/10, 4 castors trolley with foot pedal stop, 24 Volts control panel, 200 liters pan mixing capacity, 1400 rpm speed, 1.5 KW motor at 230 or 400 Volts, 80 kg weight, overall dims 1700 x 550 x 930 mm, model (Mixer 200), manufactured by, “Nilma” – Italy.