Stockpot or “burner” is used for heating of cooking pans – especially for boiling – it can be added to cooking lines or used separately for the same function.


Fig.7.11.1 Stockpot with one valve – NTGAS – SPAIN


Fig.7.11.2 Stockpot with two valves – NTGAS – SPAIN

Fig.7.11.3 Stockpot with frame – Model MOB-1PA – NTGAS – SPAIN

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.11.3, Stockpot with the following features: Stainless steel frame, cast iron grill, double ring burner (NTGAS/P31), two security valves with thermo couple and independent ignition pilots, burner has no joints (one piece), compatible with all types of gases and pressures (only by changing the injector), 27 KW power, 70 kg weight, dims 800 x 900 x 850 height, EC certificate by AENOR, manufactured in compliance with EEC, model (MOB-1PA), manufactured by “Ntgas” – Spain