The deep fat fryer is one of the basic equipments for restaurant, central kitchen in hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. Used for frying of vegetables (especially potatoes –chips & French fried potatoes), meats, chickens, fish, etc. Composed of one or more oil wells, gas or electrically heated with stainless steel baskets for submerging of food inside oil & lifting after frying.
Deep fat fryers are either to be employed separately or within a modular cooking line according to kitchen type. 

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (stainless steel).
  • Number of wells.
  • Well capacity in liters or food production rate in kg/hr.
  • Gas or electric.
  • If gas, check gas accessories & safety controls (gas safety valve, flame failure device, electric ignition, etc)
  • Thermostat control (each well should have independent thermostat with separate knob).
  • Oil level safety cutout (to prevent operation with less or no oil).
  • Has it cool zone? (Cool zone is the lower zone in the well. Well bottom is not used for heating, but heater is located above the bottom, so; the bottom is kept cold & lower oil zone stays cooler than oil above heater. The advantage of cool or cold zone that when the fried food particles go down to the cool zone they will not be burnt or carbonized which allow using of oil for longer life, also prevent flavor transfer when frying another food).
  • Should have oil drain valve.
  • Has it automatic basket lift? (Usually this device is an option).
  • Has it built-in oil filter unit? (This system is also an option).
  • Has it temperature display? (Usually this device is an option).
  • Has it programmable control? (Such as melting cycle, frozen product cycle, timer control, automatic basket lift, alarm, etc. Some of these items are coming as options).
  • Is it matching with other equipments (in case of modular cooking line)?
  • Is it manufactured to an international standard?
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.9.1, Deep fat fryer with the following features: stainless steel construction, 2 tanks each of 22 liters volume, electric operated with 2 x 18 KW electric power at 400 Volts, 2 independent thermostats, temperature rise from 20 to 190 oC in 5 minutes, 64 kg/hr production, drain valve, overall dims 800 x 900 x 900 mm, 87 kg weight, model (E9F22-8M), manufactured by “Berto’s” – Italy.

Fig.7.9.1 Deep fat fryer – BERTO’S – ITALY


·          Fryers should be positioned at least 16” away from any open flame cooking equipment according to NFPA requirements.
·          Fryer should have extract hood and fire suppression system.