This equipment is also called “Bratt pan” or “Shallow fryer” or “Frying pan” according to different manufacturers. Suitable for  braising, boiling, frying of a wide range of foods such as meats, chickens, fish, vegetables, soups, sauce, etc. Temperature range is between 50 TO 250 ºC (approx), manufactured in round or rectangular shape. See Fig.7.6.1
Fig.7.6.1 Braising pan – BERTO’S – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (fully stainless steel AISI 304).
  • Normal or gastronome type (gastronome type is a rectangular type with internal dims allow holding of pans with gastronome or GN sizes – see GN sizing system). 
  • Size in liters (from 25 to 500 liters for commercial cooking)
  • Normal or pressure type (pressure type for higher pressure inside the pan which accordingly increase cooking temperature because of higher water boiling point)
  • Gas or electric type.
  • If gas, check gas accessories & gas safety controls: gas safety valve, flame failure device, electric ignition, thermostatic gas valve, etc (see Range selection factors).
  • If electric check electric accessories & safety controls (safety thermostat, pilot lights, tilting button – if motorized tilting – temperature display, etc)
  • Power in KW (see example).
  • Manual tilting or electric tilting.
  • With or without stirrer (see boiling pan for stirrer advantages).
  • Is it matching other cooking equipments (in case of modular cooking line)?
  • Is it manufactured according to an international standard?
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.7.6.1, an electric operated tilting braising pan with the following features: Fully stainless steel AISI 304 construction, 120 liters capacity, pan dims 1100 x 560 x 225 mm height, manual tilting up to 90 o, water filling tap, 15 KW electric heater power at 400 – 415 Volts, thermostat temperature regulation from 45° to 295°C, safety thermostat, signal lamps, overall dims 900 x 1200 x 900 mm height, 4 adjustable feet, 205 kg weight, model (E9BR12), manufactured by “Berto’s” –