A cooking line is a series of cooking equipments arranged together (modular elements), as to collect all cooking operations in one line, with minimum space requirements, served by one kitchen hood to exhaust fumes & smokes.

The main equipments in a cooking line are: Range(s), Fry top grill(s), Charcoal grill(s), Boiling pan(s), Bratt pan(s), Deep fat fryer(s), Pasta cooker(s), Cooking bain marie(s) and Neutral element(s). See Fig.7.1, 7.2


Fig.7.1 Single side cooking line – BERTO’S – ITALY


Fig.7.2 Double sides cooking line – BERTO’S – ITALY

Usually used in restaurants, central kitchen for hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.Each of these items can be used separately – (not in a cooking line) – for example using of a deep fat fryers only in some special restaurants. In this section will see the different types of cooking equipments regardless the source of power with a market example for each equipment.