Cooking equipments

Cooking equipments function is to add heat for food (meat, poultry, vegetables, etc) to make it ready for eating, either by boiling or roasting, grilling, frying, etc.

The most common types of cooking equipments – according to main source of heat – are:
  • Coal or wood fired equipments: This type is not used for commercial purposes except for BBQ equipments in some restaurants (meat, poultry & fish grilling) & some pizza ovens, which give a special taste to the food.
  • Gaseous fuel equipments: By using of natural gas or LPG, this type is very common because of cheap equipment, cheap fuel, and more familiar for cookers. Advantages compared with wood fired: it is cleaner, has easier control, easier ignition & less fuel storage space. Advantages compared with electric coil heating it has: faster heating up, cheaper fuel. Disadvantages are gas leaks, fires, CO2 exhaust, adding of gas storage room to the building.
  • Electric coil or plate heating: Clean energy, no combustion (i.e. no CO2, only cooking fumes), no gas leaks, no fuel storage, etc. Disadvantages: slower heating up (start), more expensive energy, slow response to control, etc.
  • Electric induction heating: This is the latest technology in the field of cooking equipments, the cooker produce a high frequency electromagnetic field which excite the molecules in cooking pan (cooking pan should be of magnetic material), this excitation increase pan temperature and accordingly cook the food, cooker top is made of special ceramic. Advantages of induction cooking are:
–          Safer (no burns), cooker top will remain cold, where the heat is generated inside the pan. Top will be warmed only by heat transfer from pan.
–          No electric consumption in case of no pan, even the cooker is switched on.
–          Comparing with electric coils & gas burners, kitchen will not be heated where the cooker top is cold which reduce A/C load.
–          Fast heating up.
–          Higher efficiency (80 to 90 %), than electric coil & gas burners, which means less cooking time & less energy cost.
–          Easier top cleaning (no burnt food).
And disadvantages are:
–          Equipment cost is higher compared with the other two types.
–          Pans of magnetic material only to be used.
–          Patients with heart Pace maker should consult cooker manufacturer or their doctors before using of induction cooker. Electromagnetic field may affect pace maker (for more information visit

Cooking equipments can be generally divided into the following groups: