This is a very common item in super markets, grocery shops, cold food preparation area in hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. Its function is to slice processed meats such as: salami, smoked beef, smoked turkey, etc.

Fig. Meat slicer – GRAEF – GERMANY
Fig. Variable position output placement – GRAEF – GERMANY

 Selection factors:

Materials (commonly anodized aluminum casing & stainless steel food contact parts or stainless steel knife, fixation (usually suction cup feet), manual or electric (electric is the recommended for commercial use), automatic or manual feed, slicing knife diameter mm, minimum & maximum product size in mm either rectangular or circular (Φ), required slicing thicknesses & adjustability, output arrangements, electric motor power, etc. See next example.

Market example:

As shown in Fig., a Meat slicer with the following features; semi-automatic, electrically operated, 300 mm knife diameter, cut lenght (mm)250 mm, cut height (mm) 180 mm, Slice thickness (mm) 0,5 – 10 mm, Footprint 540 x 440 mm, variable position output placement (Fig. – 60 mm max. height of stack, blade speed 229/min, Slices per minute max. 160/min ,500 Watts electric motor at 230 Volts or 400 Volts, overall dims 600 x 790 x 450 mm, weight 56 kg, model (HA 800), manufactured by “Graef GmbH” –


  • If you are designing or supplying meat slicers for hotels in Islamic countries you have to provide a separate slicer with different color (or any marking method) for processed pork cutting, where the municipality regulations in most of these countries are instructing for separate equipments & tools for processing of pork meat.